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Welcome to your Site:   Open !!


The VIP Blog section is up and running and I have uploaded a few Blogs links that I've previously posted to my readers on WorldPsychic.Org  I've posted my latest Predictions and Views to my VIP readers for 2011.  VIP members can use the Archive buttons to the right.

This website is about current events where I'll be making predictions on Politics and the Economy to help my subscribers prepare for the future...I'll start by posting a monthly page where I'll point out some dangers that are coming concerning the weather, economics, politics, job opportunities, product (food) warnings, Dow Jones Stock Market trends, etc...and will accept questions from my subscribers on any of these these topics that I predict...This Service will be open to my private guests for a Donation to my website..

You are allowed to use this information only if you agree to the following conditions:

- You cannot remove the copyright notice from my blogs without my permission.
- You cannot modify these predictions because it is based on my work.
- You may copy, distribute, publish, etc... these Predictions as long as link to my website remains untouched.


  • "You have been right on about your predictions - you are quite amazing!"
  • "I just wanted to thank you and let you know your predictions are very accurate!"
  • "Thank you for your kind words and comfort; i am humbled and thankful. Everything that you have stated was on point and it has happened."  NY, 10-10-10
  • "Thank you so much for a great reading!  You were so generous with you time and so informative".  Thanks again. AL, 11.13.10
  • "Thank you very much for your input and answers to my questions...Many points hit home for me and really touched me". 05.15.10
  • "I had many questions and I wrote to you and you helped me out! Thank you!". Australia.  03.23.10

What does being a Psychic mean?

I'm an Empath and a Clairvoyant, that means I learn and understand everything through my own personal experiences.  I see everything while awake in images and visions and interpret them mostly from Intuition using no tools or instruments .


Where does my ability come from?

All of my prediction abilities are a God given talent and I take no credit for their creation.  While many of my visions do take place or come true, I still make some mistakes in interpreting what I see since everything is conveyed to me in still images which can either be symbolic or literal in meaning. ENJOY!